At Overtime Fitness we pride ourselves in delivering a first class service to each of our members.

Online training has allowed coaches to work remotely with people all over the world to help them achieve their goals. As a member you will be part of a community that aims to push you, motivate you and drive you towards your goals.

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The Process
The process will begin with a consultation (optional for the potential member), followed by a series of fitness tests conducted over the period of the first week. With the consultation, this allows me to meet the person I’m going to be working with. However, if this is not something you’d like to complete, you are more than welcome to fill in the detailed questionnaire that will be sent your way! The fitness tests provide us with a baseline to measure from and we will work together to continuously improve on them. What we will initially be testing is your current strength and fitness levels, as well as recording your physical measurements.

Based on the results of the tests and your specific goals, you will then be assigned a bespoke training programme specific to you. Everything will be on the app including demonstration videos of any of the exercises should you need it. You will also have the ability to record an exercise and upload it to the chat feature for your coach to provide you feedback and technique analysis. This is something we will be preaching! At Overtime Fitness we don’t just send you the programme and leave you to your own devices. You will be coached, monitored and helped through your fitness journey.

Nutrition will play a huge part in your fitness journey. You will be coached on how to track and monitor your daily and weekly macronutrient intake. You will be provided with an advised Macronutrient intake which is tailored and specific to your goals. Sample meal ideas and recommended portion sizes can be provided to improve your nutritional knowledge. However, we must state here that all nutrition recommendations are to be considered advisory. A registered and well-respected dietitian is the only professional who can prescribe you specific meals and plans.

Check In’s
Bi-weekly check in’s will be conducted with your coach. In the check in’s we will go through some feedback on the programme, analyse your nutrition and discuss what is coming up in the following week/week’s training. We will also be tracking your metrics to see if you are improving on your strength, fitness and physical measurements. You will be able to contact your coach via the App at any point with any matter and we will aim to get back to you asap.

You will also be sent wellness questionnaires which you will be required to complete. These are extremely important as they will provide your coach with key information that will be used to monitor your training load, frequency and intensity.

Our monthly online coaching package is a £80 a month subscription. There is a one-time £15 administration charge for your first month. You will not be charged this again should you need to leave as a member for any reason and return to us at a later time! Once you’ve signed up the package is a rolling monthly subscription paid via PayPal or via Standing Order. You will have the option to cancel this at any time.

We want to work with people who are serious about achieving their fitness goals and improving their sporting performance. If your someone who wants to do just that, then YOU are someone we would love to work with.

If you want to come on board as a member, then please don’t hesitate to get it touch and start your fitness journey today!

How Does It Work?
As a member of Overtime Fitness, you will have everything delivered via the TrueCoach App, which is free and easily downloadable on both iOS and Android.

Through the use of the App, we’ll work together to move you closer towards achieving your goals, whether that’s helping you improve your sporting performance or improving your general health and well-being. This App allows you to easily access your programme and watch your exercise demonstrations, meaning YOU can complete your training anytime, anywhere at your own convenience.

Some of the features included are:
Bespoke training programme
Testing and screening process
Daily monitoring by your coach to keep you on track
In app messaging 1-1
Tracking and monitoring of your progress

What’s Expected of You
Hard work, effort, determination and self-motivation are vital to success, not only in fitness and sport but life in general. As a member of Overtime Fitness you will be pushed – we want to see results for all of our members. As a coach I will help you, guide you and motivate you throughout the journey however long that may be, but YOU need to work hard throughout. No excuses!

Video Consultations
Thinking about signing up but still not sure and have more questions? Not a problem! Our aim is to provide as much clarity for our potential members as we possible can, so that you can feel completely confident about becoming a member today!  

That’s why we are currently offering a FREE consultation via Zoom for you to meet your coach and ask any questions you may have prior to becoming a member with Overtime Fitness. Don’t hesitate, these won’t remain free for long and numbers will be capped in order to deliver the best service possible to our members.
Simply get in touch with us by visiting our contact page and we will be back in touch with as quick as we can!

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